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  • Founded in 2008, Sovereign has become one of the top residential and commercial real estate brokers in the South Florida and national markets. The Company has worked with a multitude of Private Equity Funds and High Net Worth individuals from all over the world to meet their real estate investment objectives and invest their capital prudently.

    Most notably, Sovereign has been the South Florida lead partner for Colony American Homes in the acquisition of thousands of homes in the Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Port Saint Lucie counties. Overall Sovereign has brokered over 3,500 homes for a value over $700 million and $300 million of commercial real estate transactions.

    Sovereign is considered an expert with the most current valuation methodologies utilized by the top real estate firms and current industry trends in today's high growth market conditions.


    • Strong banking, capital and lending relationships across Florida and nationally
    • Source deals directly from property owners and banks
    • Conduct preliminary underwriting on each deal to insure that the seller’s desired valuation is realistic with current market conditions
    • Realtors, lawyers, title experts and lending available on-site to expedite closings
    • Expert negotiating skill set illustrated by proven track record of success
  • Sovereign has been involved in over $300 million of commercial real estate transactions since its founding. The Company also has a deep expertise and extensive network for construction management, rehab employees and leasing sales in South Florida and nationally.

    Part of the Company’s growth strategy is to transition to a principal focus on a commercial scale. Sovereign has run multiple funds in the tens of millions in investor dollars. Additionally, Sovereign has orchestrated joint ventures between major South Florida private equity groups and family offices for the development of hundreds of luxury multi-family units.

    Sovereign is beginning to become involved in the principal investing and management of commercial developments. These pipeline projects are valued at over $250 million and the Company is expecting to break ground on them in the near-term.


    • In Sovereign funds to date, the Company has returned over 30% annualized returns to LP investors
    • Experience managing initiatives totaling tens of millions in investor dollars
    • Network and expertise that will allow the Company to be a valuable partner for commercial projects
    • Sovereign has sold land to groups and facilitated joint ventures between firms that has led to the groundbreaking of hundreds of units in commercial development, with examples being Gables Gate Tower & Gables Prado in 2014
    • Current development pipeline greater than $250 million for the Company
  • Through Sovereign’s private equity relationships, the Company is able to provide quick loan approvals for refinancings, fix-&-flip operators and acquirors at highly competitive rates and better than market terms. Loans are structured as non-recourse and have various other attractive provisions.

    The team at Sovereign has sourced tens of millions of dollars of loan products for the refinancing of investor-owned rental portfolios and acquisition credit facilities for institutional real estate buyers.

    The group has the capacity to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in debt financing per transaction or multiple deals.


    • Strong banking and private lending relationships across Florida and nationally
    • Understanding asset fundamentals enables Sovereign to accurately forecast appraisal values leading to precise estimates of loan sizing
    • Real estate market expertise throughout the state of Florida enables extremely accurate loan pricing estimates
    • Capacity to provide up to $100 million per transaction
  • The Sovereign Auction Platform was founded in 2013 and since then the team has analyzed tens of thousands of potential residential acquisition transactions primarily of single family home residences. The Company is working with various family offices and private equity firms to purchase fractured condos, townhomes, single family homes and multi-family residences in bulk at significant discounts to appraisal value with positive embedded equity.

    Sovereign structures funds with investors to make these purchases and can provide terms if your group is interested in partnering. Additionally, Sovereign is able to broker assets for individuals looking to invest in real assets. The Company is a one-stop-shop and can provide legal, title, lending, construction rehab, leasing and exit brokerage services.


    • Sovereign is the most active representative of a third-party bidder in the Clerk of Court Auctions with the highest closed purchase value of any buyer
    • Access to thousands of deals on a monthly basis through Sovereign Auction Platform
    • Team performs benchmarking and underwriting analyses to provide opinions of value on real estate before investors make purchases
    • The Company has acquired hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate through the Sovereign Auction Platform and therefore is highly experienced in the process and technologies utilized
    • Sovereign has been very active in the current distressed cycle specializing in note sales and court judgments